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Air Liquide

Plasma & TIG Welding

Air Liquide Welding, an innovative specialist in TIG and plasma processes, has been able to integrate the two processes into a single installation which can improve productivity by 30 to 50%. Please see the detailed specifications here.


Advantages of the plasma + TIG process:

  • High quality of plasma weld.
  • 30 to 50 % increase in productivity.
  • Can be adapted to varied boiler-making processes due to its great flexibility.

In the plasma + TIG process, the plasma arc first melts the entire thickness of the joint by using a strongly confined plasma which only affects the appearance of the back of the joint.

250 to 300 mm away, the TIG arc equipped with filler metal and a magnetic oscillation system prepares the final appearance of the surface. By virtue of the magnetic oscillation and a 120 mm gas shield, this gives a perfect finish.  The plasma + TIG process works on thicknesses between 3 and 8 mm. Thicknesses less than 3 mm can also be welded perfectly but only a single-torch TIG process is used.

Thicknesses greater than 8 mm require an additional single-torch TIG filling pass.  

The plasma + TIG process is specially designed for large capacity stainless steel boiler work:

  • length > 3 meters,
  • diameter > 2.2 meters, or manufacture of large stainless steel tubes welded in one piece.

Video Product Demonstrations

Air Liquide Seamer:
Longitudinal Welding on Seamer Bench

  • Start and end of weld on root face.
  • ​Closing the vessel and even butt-joining

Welding on Seamer Bench

  • Allowable thickness up to 10mm
  • Maximum weldable length according to type of bench: 4m, 6m or 7m

Air Liquide Light Pole Fabrication:

Air Liquide TOPTIG Welding:

The technology addressed in this video demonstrates the enhanced features of the TOPTIG.  The TOPTIG
delivers a patented liquid metal bridge.  Please watch the video to see how the TOPTIG process works with 
with a complete absence of spatter

Air Liquide PTA CB-MATIC:

Plasma on Pipe:

Hydraulic Pipe Welding:

Vertical Plasma Welding: